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Function Agreement

  • To avoid any misunderstandings, the undersigned, in consideration of Civic Kitchen & Drink hosting our function for the purpose and number of guests as outlined hereinafter, agree to the terms set forth below.


    A deposit of $200.00 is due at the time of booking. The deposit is non-refundable and will go towards the nal cost of the function. The deposit cannot be transferred to another date. It is in agreement that payment is required in full at the conclusion of the event. Payment can be made with cash or credit only. No personal checks, gift cards or coupons are accepted.

    All functions are based on a four hour time period. Any functions booked during the day must be completed before 4:00pm. Function times can vary according to availability. Floor plan and table set-up will be available 5 days prior to your function based on your nal attendance.Civic strictly prohibits adhering of items to walls, door molding, etc. Confetti and Candles are prohibited.


    A final guaranteed guest count is due 7 days before the event. The nal guest count will be considered a guarantee and client agrees to pay the per person menu charge.


    Final menu selections must be submitted to the banquet manager 7 days prior to your function.


    The agreement may be cancelled by the client within 72 hours of the event. If cancellation occurs, said clients will forfeit said deposit in the amount of $200.00.

    Civic reserves the right to postpone functions if inclement weather occurs. At such time Civic will work with said client to reschedule as soon as possible. I am signing as confirmation of the above booking, and understand and agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.